All readings include a healing.

Intuitive reading: In our time together I will use my intuitive gifts to address the issues or concerns you would like more clarity on. Using a combination of clairvoyance, conversation with your higher self, messages from your spirit guides and guardian angels, assistance from the Archangels and Ascended Masters we will get clear information on the stories you are carrying energetically and work to bring you into present time and align you with your most empowered self. Each reading is unique to the individual. Afterwards you will feel grounded, centered and renewed. 60 – 75 Minutes, $150

Animal reading: Look at health and behavior issues with your pet. 60 minutes, $135

House/Business reading: Look at the energy your business is running along with your energy. For a house reading I look at the land, the building and the overall energetic health of the property.   If you feel your house has outside energy affecting it or the residents (children, pets, adults) we will safely remove it.  60 minutes, $135