“The healing I received from Kim was one of the most holistic and thorough healings I’ve ever had. She was able to describe my inner world with words and images that completely resonated but were brand new perspectives for me. The way she worked through blockages was mesmerizing – she very carefully picked through the muck that was impeding my moving forward in life and followed it at every twist and turn. She definitely came to my reading with a blank slate, ready to accept whatever it was that needed healing. I highly recommend Kim for helping you move through any kind of energy blockage you might be experiencing.”
– Adriene C., San Francisco, CA

“I’ve had many readings over the years, but my reading with Kim gave me a depth of clarity I haven’t yet experienced.  In addition to revealing deeply buried  information, my reading with Kim has had a profound healing effect on my life.  Kim approaches potentially sensitive aspects with respect and care.  I would venture to say anyone would benefit from a reading with Kim.”
– Sarah O., Sausalito, CA

“I’ve worked with Kim in several capacities and every time I’m somewhat mesmerized by her abilities. I’ve sat in on readings with her and the depth and perspective of what she is seeing is usually met with validation, even awe by the person receiving the reading. When she gave me a reading, I was shocked by the direction she went as I had been working on certain areas and expected to be able to anticipate the subject. She was able to really illuminate a stuck area for me and that has proven to be so fruitful. It was SPOT ON and not only was I surprised but also thankful. Kim has a true gift and she shares it in a very gentle, neutral and non-judgmental way.”
– Julie R., San Francisco, CA

“If you would like to create a shift or change in your life I strongly recommend getting a reading by Kim.  She is an experienced and powerful reader.  She facilitated a deep and profound healing for me!”
– Betsy C., San Francisco, CA

“I love Kim’s style of reading — she balances the gravitas of the subject with gentle humor and warmth. She illuminated so many things for me during my most recent reading, from the huge to the detailed, that I was able to begin shifting energies and thoughts almost immediately. Her gifts inspire me and I am grateful for her guidance on my journey.”
– Kathy H., Portland, OR

“The reading was so meaningful for my sister. You were the first of many psychics to make a heartfelt impression on her! And we just had one of the most direct conversations about spirituality and life we have ever had. So thank you.”
– David L., Oakland, CA

“First full nights sleep in 3 weeks. Woke up with zero anxiety, even when I go thru and review the ‘story’. Totally different vibe.”
– Andrew N., San Francisco, CA